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Named By: Emma Palumbo
Birthday: February 2013
Breed: Nubian
Distinctive Features: Mostly white body, white stripe down middle of his face

Benny takes after his namesake Benny Rodriguez of The Sandlot in more ways than one.  Not only has he taken on the big brother role, he has also emerged as the fearless leader of the pack. Even though he can’t grip a baseball bat with his hooves, he is very athletic and skilled at finding his way to the other side of fences.


Named By: Ruby Harberd & Chloe McKenzie
Birthday: March 2013
Breed: Nubian and La Mancha cross
Distinctive Features:  Tri-colored, short ears

Good ol’ Bruce likes to cause trouble whenever he can.  If we ever hear a blood curdling goat scream, it usually means Brucey has got his head stuck in the fence.  He’s not the brightest crayon in the box when it comes to getting himself in sticky situations, but his brothers love him anyways.


Named By:  Madeline Praye
Gender:  Male
Birthday:  March 2013
Breed:  Nubian
Distinctive Markings:  Mostly brown and black with hints of white, no horns, goofy ears

You would never guess by looks alone, but Rocky might just be the bravest one of the bunch.  What he lacks in horns he makes up for in confidence and gumption.  He’s usually the first one out in the morning and can often be found with his head held high on top of the goat ramp.

Photo May 28, 12 11 43 PM.jpg


Named By: Katrina Elkins
Birthday: March 2013
Breed: Nubian
Distinctive Features: Brown and black, short stocky body

Buckwheat tends to be a little shy and awkward at first, but once he warms up to you he loves to pose for the camera.  He’s been told before that you’re not supposed to wear black with brown, but he thinks that’s the silliest thing he’s ever heard!