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What's Fresh

What's Fresh at the Sunshine Farm Market.  Find out what cherries, peaches, and apples are in season now.  Quality fruit from local orchards.

What's Fresh | June 10, 2014

Sunshine Farm Market

Photo Jun 05, 3 38 28 PM.jpg


  • Organic Rainier Cherries from Spencer Organics in Malaga
  • Tieton Cherries from Mattawa, WA
  • Bing Cherries from Mattawa, WA
  • Early Robin Cherries from Mattawa, WA
  • Salad Mix & Arugula from Plow Horse Produce in Carlton, WA
  • Spinach, microgreens, turnips, kale, napa cabbage, head lettuce, parsley, & dill from Grace Spencer in Malaga, WA.
  • Green lop onions from Lone Pine Fruit Stand in Orondo, WA
  • Asparagus from Quincy


  • Tietan Red Cherries 
  • Apricots

What's Fresh | May 27, 2014

Sunshine Farm Market

WA cherries are HERE!  We have delicious Burlatt Cherries from Mattawa, WA!

We also have a great selection of local veggies!

  • Asparagus from  T&T Farm, Quincy, WA (Conventional)
  • Arugula and Salad Mix from Plowhorse Farm in Carlton, WA (Organic)
  • Spinach, Turnips, Radishes, Head Lettuce, Micro-greens, Kale and Chard from Spencer Organics in Malaga, WA
  • Plant Starts (Tomato, Peppers and Basil) grown by Judy Brezina in Chelan, WA

What's Fresh | May 8, 2014

Sunshine Farm Market

Photo Apr 13, 2 22 58 PM.jpg
  • Conventional (& delicious!) Asparagus from Wenatchee
  • Salad Mix and Arugula from Plow Horse Produce in Carlton, WA
  • Cold Storage Pink Ladies, Granny Smith, Fuji, Braeburn, Gala, D'Anjou, & Bosc
  • Cold Storage juicing/baking apples
  • Tomato Starts: Including Brandywine, Sun Gold, Evergreen, Mortgage Lifter, Purple Cherokee, & more!

Wintertime Apples on Honesty Wagon

Sunshine Farm Market

Our Honesty Wagon is now set up and open for business in parking lot of our south shore farmstand location.  Stop by, pick up a 20 lb box or a 5 lbs bag, and leave your money in the red box!

Apples are also available self-serve on the front deck at Riverwalk Inn.

Be forewarned--when the weather gets really cold, we have to take the apples inside so they don't freeze!


  • Honeycrisp $15 box, $7 bag
  • Rubens $10 box, $3 bag
  • Ambrosia $15 box, $7 bag
  • Gala $10 box, $3 bag
  • Yataka $10 box, $3 bag
  • Senshu (like a Fuji) $10 box, $3 bag
  • Golden Delicious $10 box, $3 bag


  • Jonagold (Organic!) $12 box, $5 bag
  • Idared (Heirloom) $10 box, $3 bag
  • MacIntosh $10 box, $3 bag


  • Bosc $12 box, $5 bag
  • Concorde $10 box, $3 bag
  • D-Anjou $15 box, $6 bag

Sunshine Farm Market Downtown

Sunshine Farm Market

This winter, visit us at our downtown “pop up” shop!  We are in the process of moving right now and will be open for business on Friday, Nov 1.  

We’ll move back to our South Shore location in April 2014.

downtown ad.jpg